Hoskins' X-Universe

Brad and Aaron's collective jaws dropped when they discovered that legendary comic writer Chris Claremont (DAYS OF FUTURE PAST) had originally conceived his dream X-MEN movie that featured Bob Hoskins as The Wolverine. This may seem like an odd choice but the deadly canuck that comic fans grew up with was not the chiseled 6'2" physique of the undeniably pretty Hugh Jackman; But a short, hairy, cigar voiced brut that fits the more bulldogish qualities of Mr. Hoskins.

Claremont envisioned a James Cameron produced, Kathryn Bigelow directed X franchise with Hoskins paired alongside Angela Basset as Storm. Placing Bob in the lead role of Weapon X would undoubtabely give this X-World a very different tone from the one we have today.

To Brad and Aaron, this 80's re-imagining sounded too good to be true. So they put their tiny pea brains together and came up with their own dream casting of Kathryn Bigelow's 1985 never was masterpiece, THE UNCANNY X-MEN!