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Why Rest.In.Pictures?

2016 seemed like an unnaturally harsh year on the loss of our cinematic talents. It wasn't that there was anything bad in the Hollywood drinking water. It was just time catching up to us. Our cinematic heroes were simply aging. From the mid 1960's into the early 70's TVs were firmly supplanted as a main fixture of every American household. The three major broadcast companies were at the height of their game. With the 80's came the VCR as well as an endless cycle of rewatching movies. With the 90's came the DVD. Then bluray. Now streaming. We have had these public figures in our personal lives more than any other time in history. Art and the artist have been more apart of us now than they ever have been before. That's why we share a deeper connection to our modern heroes than what we've felt in the past. We've invited these icons into our home. They've been apart of our lives. They've helped us laugh in tough times and cry through others. 

We simply felt the best way to honor their memories was not to mourn their loss but celebrate their life. This is a podcast dedicated to reflecting on the life work that they've left behind. 

What's an Aaron?

A ragamuffin. A scalawag. A father to three. A husband to one. A connoisseur of roadside sandwiches. Aaron Prescott is a former visual effects graduate of The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA turned repertory film programmer for The Alamo Drafthouse in Ashburn, VA. He's discussed net neutrality with the father of TROMA, given annual hugs to Mike TeeVee and Veruca Salt, dressed in drag every October for ROCKY HORROR, befriended fellow cinephile Patton Oswalt, and founded a 500 member strong film club affectionately known as The SECRET SOCIETY of FILM-MASONS. Three years and 430 programmed films later it was time to move on. He currently finds himself doing his part in the worldwide effort of film preservation at The Library of Congress Motion Picture / Broadcast / Recorded Sound division. He now gets to work with amazing people and contribute as much as he can to preserve the past, present, and future of the art form that he feels is most important.

Why even Brad?

A Trekkie, not Trekker. A comic book and movie obsessive who is only tolerated in life because he’s found the like-minded to put up with his incessant pop culture ramblings. Through the power of love, he found validation of a youth well spent consuming endless rewatches of STAR WARS, INDIANA JONES, and BACK TO THE FUTURE. When his life as a rebellious archeologist time-traveler did not come into fruition, he found a purpose in regurgitating his enthusiasm on a willing public. His writings can be seen every day on FILM SCHOOL REJECTS, but if you venture a little further into cyberspace, you’ll discover his madness over at TREKNEWS, DAILY GRINDHOUSE, DIABOLIQUE, and NONFICS. He also co-hosts the absurdly dorky podcast, IN THE MOUTH OF DORKNESS.